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Explorer with a browser touch...

| Saturday, November 29, 2008

Many people many be bored of using just the same old Windows Explorer after using modern and frequently updating browsers. there are many alternatives for the file management. The below Explorer is a good portable, easy to use with many feature for the users..

Cubic Explorer is a Free Windows only Explorer with the features of tabs, breadcrumbs, Previewing, folder trees, and many more to perfectly fit for Windows Explorer alternative.
It supports Session Feature, easy moving between computer systems with bookmarks etc are provided by it Other Explorer Alternatives that you can try are
mucommander - A Good Cross Platform supports for Windows,Linux and Mac

folder guide freeware and supports Vista too.. 

QuizoApps  supports windows with 2.0 Net Framework


Rainbow Folders  Give Colors to your folders.


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Difficult to manage Firefox Tabs? Then Try this add-on

| Friday, November 28, 2008

Whenever i use more than 10 tabs i find it difficult to work with them and sometimes i may close some tabs that are needed. Even Chrome has a feature of getting back the recently closed tabs i cant afford it due to other add-ons that i use in Firefox.. so for firefox users i found this add-on will be useful

TooManyTabs allows you to manage up to 50 tabs as well as it helps to save more memory when ever the tab is not in use. and it helps to recover the recently closed tabs easily.. i found this add-on useful and i think i will be useful for you too..

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Get Your Digital Edition of PC Magazine for One Year Free!!!

| Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its True as a part of Going Green PC Magazine stops the Paper Edition from Jan 2009. There after All the subscriptions are going to be in your Email every month. As a promotional offer they give you free PC Magazine for one year to read online or you can even download them.

Just a simple sign up will get you a copy of magazine to your email..

not interested in tech then try other offers from Zinio, they are all for free. thanks to for the special offers to people and to save our environment.

hope all the other magazine and newspapers to go green like this so that one step closer to saving our earth is possible.


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Gmail Gets Themes

| Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today i got little bit surprised when i sign in to my gmail account.. Gmail gets themes like that of iGoogle and Orkut. A set of 30 Themes are available to the user but Google says it will be unofficial extension. Hope Gmail gets more updates like this.. so serious netizans and bloggers who got bored with same old classic interface can enjoy

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Easy way to Auto Follow of people in Twitter

| Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From the maker of iphoneize your website This new Twitter Tool is build and then released now.. Twollow is a easy to use and simple tool for auto follow using Twitter.

Developer Jon Wheatley have made this wonderful tool in less than 24 hours... and it cost about $150 for him. This tool helps you to just type what ever you interested on and then it makes everyone who mentioned that term will be auto follow

Look at the demo given by the developer

Quick Demo from jon on Vimeo.

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Fashionable Firefox - personalize add-ons for all


Every new Firefox user will not have any idea about which is the best firefox add-on or which is best suit for the use. Here is a wonderful add-on about add-ons which helps the user to add the add-ons according to your wish...
To personalize the browse this new add-on from the firefox will help you out

find the way how it is done...

Fashion your Firefox gives you customized add-ons with different types of Netizans in mind. here are the different type and you can choose according to your theme... - Shutterbug: View and share pictures and videos online
- Rock Star: Listen to music while surfing, working, emailing or researching online
- News Junkie: Get the most up-to-date news and weather
- Shopaholic: Shop and take advantage of online deals
- Digital Pack Rat: Keep track of favorite sites, bookmarks and blogs
- Social Butterfly: Share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages via an array of social networking & bookmarking sites
- Finder and Seeker: Find and make information on the Web more relevant
- Decorator: Apply browser themes
- Executive Assistant: Organize online activities
This add-on makes easier for the first time firefox user and enhances the regular user of Firefox

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New Tab tearing Feature in Firefox 3.1

| Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google Chrome is mother of tab tearing feature. Tab Tearing is drag a tab out of its current window, and it is removed and opened on a new one, providing a more intuitive way to organize your web browsing. This Feature is included in the latest Firefox 3.1 and now in the beta release

watch the feature in demo.

Tear tab feature in Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 from Percy Cabello on Vimeo. Some Small bugs has to be fixed and it i think it will be done in the next beta release soon.
Type rest of the post here

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Zone Alarm Pro version For Free Today only- Dont miss it


Zone alarm is one of the popular software that is made for Firewall protection and it is available in Free version and it also has the pro version with many features. today(Nov 18th) This Full version of Pro which cost about $40 is available for free and this offer is only for today.
This offer is from 6 am PST and its for only one day

dont miss this software.


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Explore Outer Space

| Monday, November 17, 2008

I Think most of you would have tried Google's Earth even some might have Tried Google Moon and Google Mars too.. Many of you may even tried the planetarium for exploring outer space.

This software Celestia is used to Explore Outer space easier. It is a download able software and supports most of the OS and easy to use and this is fine for getting some extra knowledge about External Space...

here are some screen shots from the website 

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Google Office in Newyork- Wow!!

| Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Saw this video of "Google Office in Newyork" and i found its pretty good so i like to share this with you..

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Googles' SEO Reveled !!!

| Friday, November 14, 2008

Google Today Reveled its Secrets of Search Engine Optimization, to the web masters and bloggers for improving there websites and blogs. This Tutorial made by Brandon Falls, Search Quality Team from Google explains that this tutorial will be helpful for those who are all new to SEO and to improve there sites rankings
Click here to get your copy.

This Tutorial covers various topics such as improving title,and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, and pitfalls to avoid. They have also planned to expand the release more on tutorial about SEO in future.


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Google Goes with Video chat

| Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Google yesterday announced a major and most awaited plugin on its Gmail, video chat. This plugin is supported by all the major web browsers Firefox,Internet Explorer,Google Chrome and safari. This works with PCs with Windows Vista,XP and Mac Os X10.4 or higher.

All you have to do is to download the plugin availble at For enabling this go to the options at the bottom of the Gmail chat window and then you can start with a Video or a Audio chat.

Google want to concentrate on quailty of voice as well as video here after for better reach of this feature.hope it will do it succesfully.

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Inkscape - Open source Vector graphics Editor

| Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Image/photo editing softwares are more common and available for free like that of a Gimp. next to that of image/photo editing softwares comes the graphic editors. More popular graphic editors are Illustrator, CorelDraw, Xarax but all these much costlier and for learning graphics you cannot afford such a big softwares. A quick Alternative to this in Open source is the Inkscape.

Inkscape is a open source vector graphics editor application. what is vector graphics?
vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based upon mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics.

The above diagram shows the difference between the Vector graphics and the bitmap.

Inkscape is made to support SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics),XML and CSS.It was first developed for Linux but now it supports Windows, mac OS too. it is under development to support SVG fonts and CSS animation. The current version available is 0.46.

you can download Inkscape here

For Beginners tutorials are available in the

And a hope this  blog which will help you to reach most from this software there are lots of tutorial available there.
here are some images and photos created with inkscape.

Images: wikipedia,flickr

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Compressing and optimizing Images and pictures online

| Monday, November 10, 2008

A normal professional blog contains 5 - 10 images on the know that "a picture speaks more than a thousand words". you need them to be in your blog for best looks but it takes much time to load then it make be worrying your visitors of the site. here is a simple and powerful tool to compress your images and photos to minimum size with good quality images for loading to your website or blog..   

help you optimize the size of web images without affecting visual quality.This Smushit is working with a best image compression algorithm which is made more than that of photoshop and fireworks software. This uses loss less image compression technique.It provides 3 smart ways to upload the images for compression

  • Direct upload from your PC
  • using firefox Extension
  • upload images with URL
After uploading click on the smaushit to compress and optimize the image and you can see the percentage of size compressed for each image and the compressed images can be downloaded in a zip format.
smaushit says a minimum of 7% compression is possible and it supports jpg,png,gif. yes it supports animated gifs too.

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Wanna Rank your Twitter account?

| Sunday, November 9, 2008

Many tools and websites are there for calculating and ranking the your blogs and websites. The Growing popularity of the Twitter makes many developers to create new apps for it everyday.

Here is a site for finding ranking for your twitter account.twitter grader

It also contains a badge which can be added to your site or blog too.
find your rank now.

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iphoneize your website or blog


Making your websites and blogs to compatible  with platform browsers and mainly to other devices are somewhat annoying. one such is making your blogs and websites to compatible with iphone users is made simple by the following excellent tool... inter squash lets see how to do that..

to convert a website or blog to the following four steps

  • enter the RSS feed of your site,
  • enter the site name,
  • upload a home screen icon and
  • place the code provided between the header tags of your website. 
it is also explained by the video of the developer jon

intersquash demo from jon on Vimeo.

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Finding a Code from source code

| Saturday, November 8, 2008

Search and finding a tag, keyword or a part of code in source code of a book is difficult. this is made easy with the following search engine. Code fetch is a customized Google search engine which is capable of finding the requested code in more than 20 programming and scripting languages like C,C++,Java,Perl,Html etc., and gives out the top results of books that contains the code you ask for.

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Momma Wannabe's Thanksgiving Contest

| Friday, November 7, 2008

As the part of 6th anniversary of Momma Wannabe blog, a contest is announced in which you can win the following
whole prize of 54,500 ecs are at stake and lots of Premium Ad spots and other great prizes!
see full details

contest deadline : 1st Dec 08

What can you win in this contest?

54,500 ecs are at stake and lots of Premium Ad spots and other great prizes!

Grand Prize - 15,000 ec credits , 8 premium ad spaces plus you can choose 4 bonus prize

  1. 10,000 ec credits from Momma Wannabe 
  2. 1000 ec credits from Pinay Jade
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  9. 125x125 ad for 1 month at PR2blog Momma Wannabe
  10. 125x125 ad for 1 month at PR4blog The Positive Life
  11. 125x125 ad for 1 month at PR2blog EvilWoobie
  12. 125x125 ad for 2 weeks at PR3 blog Multiply Themes
  13. 125x125 ad for 1 month at PR3
  14. 125x125 ad for 1 month at PR3 Bad Evan

2nd Prize - 10,000 entrecard from the following sponsors plus you can choose 3 bonus prize

  1. 1500 ec credits from Positive Life
  2. 2000 ec credits from Seek No More
  3. 2000 ec credits from Politikon
  4. 1500 ec credits from Weather for headphones
  5. 1000 ec credits from BrainFoggles
  6. 1000 ec credits from Michael Aulia
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  8. 125x125 ad for 2 months at Love is a Perfect Gift
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3rd Prize - 9000 entrecard from the following sponsors plus you can choose 3 bonus prize

  1. 2000 ec credits from Everything Has a Reason
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4th Prize - 8000 entrecard credits plus you get 3 bonus prizes

  1. 1000 ec credits from Fantasy Baseball Advice
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Bonus Prizes:
Free Advertising
  1. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Blogging Hacks
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Special Prizes

  1. Blog Makeover by My Design Workbench ( for Blogger blogs only)
  2. Customized Template by Earning Money Online ( for Blogger blogs only)
  3. Free Domain Name : THESASSYHOMEMAKER.COM valid till September 2009 from THE PINAY BLOGGER!
Special Prizes - 2 Top Points Earner will share the following prizes

  1. $5.00 paypal cash from Wonderful Things In Life
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  3. 1000 ec credits from Niacin Works
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  5. 2000 ec credits from Freebie Reporter
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  8. 500 ec credits from Beauty of Life
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  12. 500 ec credits from Housewife at work
  13. 500 ec credits from Free Famous Quote
  14. 500 ec credits from Gift reviews
  15. 500 ec credits from Better Interpersonal Communication
  16. 500 ec credits from Journal of Journey
  17. 500 ec credits from Jo's Reviews & Free Ad Space
  18. 500 ec credits from Dota Guide
  19. 500 ec credits from Wonderful Things In Life
  20. 500 ec credits from My Collection
  21. 300ec credits from It's my Party & I'll cry if I want too
  22. 300 ec credits from The Joy Of Life Forever
  23. 200 ec credits from My Life's Adventure
  24. 500 ec credits from Love's Haven

So how to join in this UBER AMAZING contest?

1) Leave me a comment telling me "What you are Thankful for ?" (2 points
) Required

2)Subscribe to Momma Wannabe by Email and confirm your subscription. When done, let me know by leaving a comment with the email you used to subscribe - ( 3 pts
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3) Blog about the contest with all the list of prizes and sponsors, and make a comment here. (10 pts) (Optional)

4 ) Leave quality comments on any post in my blog. One comment per post will be counted starting today. Come back and comment on the contest post with the Title of the Post where you have made a comment.(1 pt per comment per post) (Optional)

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* It's entirely up to you how if you wanna do all the things mentioned above to increase your chances of winning.*

* Remember, the TOP 2 Points Earner will receive special prizes!!!!

* Sponsor are allowed to join the contest since a 3rd party will draw the winners for the major prizes*

* I have reserve the right to change any detail in the contest.

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NetThirsty got 3rd place in a contest


Two days back the result for kidtechguru contest announced and surprisingly i got 3rd place in that contest

results are

1st Prize (worth $180):

- Free 12 months 125X125 sidebar ad on The Online Quest
Sponsored by The Online Quest
Won by Tomas Guibani

2nd Prize (worth $100):
- Free Domain Name
- Free 12 months Web Hosting on BlueHost
Sponsored by BlueHost
Won by Kelsey Vea

3rd Prize (worth $45):
- Free 2 months 125X125 sidebar ad on KidTechGuru
- Free Review of your Blog to be posted in KidTechGuru
Sponsored by KidTechGuru
Won by Aravinthan Vivekanandan

4th Prize (worth $36.00):
- Free 1 month 480X60 banner ad on KidTechGuru
- 1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by KidTechGuru
Won by Fuzion
 5th Prize (worth $27.00):
- 4500 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by WebbieStuffs, WeBlogLearner, I Love Philippines Too:
Won by SlashTop

6th Prize (worth $12.00):
- 2000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by SocialWebTools:
Won by Jordan Osmond
Consolation Prizes (each worth US$6.00):
- 1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by SimplyWP and Wiehanne
Won by Mik
- 1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by The Flying Beagle
Won by NHC
- 1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by OrangeInks
Won by Bhagiraj Sivagnanasundaram
- 1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by eBookTechie
Won by Dhadha Garcia
- 1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by Chorva
Won by Tyler Hayes
- 1000 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by RandomDetox
Won by Brady Brim-DeForest
- 1 month 125X125 sidebar ad in Bryan Karl
- 500 Entrecard credits
Sponsored by Bryan Karl
Won by Rohit

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Spams how they filter it?


We are all familiar with word Spam. This is something we encounter almost on a daily basis in our mail inboxes. They waste our precious time and also contribute in spreading malwares. It is expected that in the year 2008, as many as fourty trillion spam messages will be sent across the globe. This is significantly higher than the figure in 2006, when it was 18 trillion messages.

All of us are aware that email filtering software separates good or true email from the rest or spams. But these software or other appliances employed for filtering can go wrong. While a true mail may be blocked, a spam mail can easily pass through the filter to reach your inbox. If a spam mail is successfully filtered, it is generally placed in a separate folder. These folders can be searched later by the user. According to few sources, both individual users and organizations stand to lose not only their energy and time in deleting these spam mails but also have to shell out $0.4 per deleted message. This figure has been calculated after a lot of calculations and predictions by analysts.

Popular filtering techniques

A number of spam filtering mechanisms have been employed over the years to counter it effectively. Occasionally, more than one techniques are also employed. Some of these include:

1] Tarpitting:- These are services on the server which takes a lot of time establishing incoming mails. This technique ensures spam mails will take a lot of time to reach a recipient, thus discouraging the spammer to carry out his task. However, the disadvantage is that the same procedure hampers the true mails as well.

2] Graylisting:- In this case, the recipients mail system temporarily rejects all incoming mails. Reciprocal mails are sent as reply with the content being quoted as temporary failure. This technique is employed with the assumption that a real mailer will respond back by sending the mail once again while the spammer loses his patience and will give up on sending further spams.

3] Challenge response:- This technique employs CAPTCHA method to its routine. Mails from unrecongnizable IP addresses are asked to enter the sent CAPTCHA. Humans are able to detect these patterns while the computer fails to do so.

4] Bayesian filters:- This technique analyses the ratio of "good" and "bad" words and assigns a score to each one of them. Based on these scores, spams are filtered out.

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Recover your photos from digital camera for free


Formatted  your favorite photos on the digital camera accidentally ?  or the photos corrupted in your memory card?

What is important to mention is that although the photos are still inside your digital memory's memory card, they are in danger of total erasure. If you take more pictures you could very well overwrite the complete set of photos. There are many costlier software for this type of recovery but i found this one for free...

So the first step you have to take is download this Digital photo recovery and connect your camera to your PC. Once you run the software you will see that it needs no special training or skills. Follow the onscreen instructions and in a couple of minutes you will have your photos in your screen, seen through the tool's viewer. It recovers your photo files with full quality
, it can perform digital photo recovery on any camera and restore from any type of format.(all the Raw formats ). 

It can also support image creation of the card and recovers physically damaged cards too

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A Free Image/photo editing,authoring tool

| Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Few days back i was searching for a photo management tool for correcting my photos. many where available to us on and other downloading sites. i found this GNU image manipulation tool and its very much easier and its open source too.

GIMP -   GNU Image Manipulation Program, which has released its latest version 2.6.2 currently and it supports almost all OS.

Image formats supported are TIFF,JPG,GIF,PNG,PSD and it also supports other rare formats but it has to be downloaded separately.

Gimp provides photo retouching via blur overlays, image authoring tools and and most interestingly it supports actions for the hardware devices that can be set for easier tool handling.

Download this software from here 

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apple Fakes !!!

| Monday, November 3, 2008

Apple's products and there fakes....


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Share and Embed documents with docstoc


Few days back i made a post about ipaper a website which created new format of doc made out of flash. Like that now i found a site called docstoc which is used to upload documents ( .doc , .pdf ) files online and it can be shared with our friends and most stricking feature is it can be embeded with websites and blogs.

The documents that you upload is automatically included into search engines and this makes them more widely visible on the web. It is good site for making tutorials and promoting them.

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send flowers to your friends and loved ones


Interested in sending a virtual flower bouque for your friends and loved ones? try this flowers2mail ..

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Ancient Civilizations at a Glance

| Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today's Modern world is created only from the bases of the Ancient Civilizations that occurred across the world in the past. We are leading a sophisticated life only because of the modern technology and various inventions.

But without all this people of ancient civilizations lived a very top class life. I found the following sites gives the idea of how civilizations across the time made them better. there technology, trading routes, religion, culture everything makes us wonder...
Ancientcivilizations timeline - British museum explains all the ancient civilizations in a time line

Ancientcivilizations from about - provides all info of about 10000years of  various civilizations

Ancient civilization of various countries ancientchina  ancientindia  ancientegypt  mughalindia  imperialchina

i think after viewing all these sites about the ancient civilizations i believe you too can share your thoughts here...

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Free Entrecard Generator made by Dragon Blogger

| Saturday, November 1, 2008

Entrecard is most successful way of advertising since its start last year. "U Drop I follow" is a famous quote that you can see in every blogs now a days.Bloggers started to make EC as prizes for there contests and making there blogs to reach millons of viewers.But one small disadvantage of this way of advertising is time consuming.For generating Entrecard Credits there are some generators available now but they are paid ones. Is there any Alternate solutions? Yes there is..

One of my favorite blogger Dragon Blogger came up with an idea of making a Entrecard Generator. Even Though It is a manual, It saves us lot of time. Try and see the results your self..

I personally thank dragonblogger for this nice tool.

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Learning French from the toppers


French is widely spoken language which comes after the Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, English, Spanish and German.It is accepted as a national language in more than 40 countries around the world. learning this will be task for all. There are more language learning tools and courses available on the net. Following will be helpful to you...

These are the Top 49 Sites that will be helping you to learn french this is some sites are free some are not. This 49 sites are selected by instant-french

Educational Resources
The quality of free learn French material online is astounding.
BBC French - The mother of all learn French websites. French - Comprehensive resource for learning French.
Carnegie Mellon Free French - The prestigious university’s French courses aren’t easy, as they feature natural French speakers – but they are high quality and free!
French Assistant - Free French language lessons, with over 150000 French words and phrases.
French Revision - Interactive French lessons for the younger crowd (11-18).
Anne Fox Learning French - A collection of educational tools to help your French.
French Culture dot org - The official website of the Cultural Services of the French
Embassy has tons of links to educational resources throughout the USA. Fantastic design on this site - something you don’t see often on government sites.
French in Action - Dozens of instructional learn French videos.
Wild French - A site that compiles various online learning resources that are made available through courses and textbooks.
Learn French with Quebec Gov’t- This is the official Quebec immigration site aimed at helping new Quebeckers master French. Quizzes, exercises, resources and more.
Zut Junior French - Between 9am and 4pm, this site offers free French activities to help kids learn French.
Frenchtastic People – Fantastic resource with lessons, exercises, and exams broken into 23 weeks.
French Teachers dot net - This site run by three French teachers in the UK started as a way to share teaching resources with other teachers. It has since grown into a site packed full of great learning resources.
Interactive French- Great resource from the University of Texas. Video and audio lessons will help your French.
Francophone Louisiana - This site was created by the Consulate General of France in New Orleans. Rich in learning resources and links.
French as a Second Language - French teacher Pierre Renaud has put together a great site with activities and print-outs for kids.
Mango French - Free French courses with slideshows and quizzes. Also features a number of other languages.

Foreign Language Fun - Diane, a French teacher, has put together a great blog here.
La Dame Dragon - A Canadian blog that focuses on corporate training of French.
I Heart France - Warm and funny blog by a high school French teacher in Texas.
Bringing up Baby Bilingual - Fascinating blog about raising a bilingual child. By a former French teacher.
The French Corner - Learning French Blog with lots of links. Check out their custom French Facebook applications!
Polly Vous Francais - Great blog about an American in Paris.
Naked Translations - CĂ©line Graciet is an accomplished English-to-French translator who authors this engaging blog.
Too Many Frogs & One Brit - Hilarious blog about a Brit in France. Be prepared to laugh!
The French Journal - A great blog on French culture. Unfortunately the author does not post as frequently as I’d like to see!
Le Franco Phoney - Funny and well-written blog about life in France from an Australian’s perspective.

French Culture and Life
While these sites may not directly teach you French, they will give you a deeper insight into what it means to be French. The more cultural knowledge you have, the richer your understanding of French will be.
This French Life - Robust and active site focusing on French life. A must read if you want to move to France.
The Paris Blog - Group blog covering life in Paris.
Paris Daily Photo - The title says it all - one picture from Paris everyday by skilled Parisian photographer Eric.
From Paris With Love - A cool Paris blog for those planning to visit.
Montreal City Blog - Kate McDonnell’s blog about Montreal will keep you up on life in Canada’s coolest city.
Web in France Magazine - An English magazine about life in France.

Link Lists
In my searches I found a number of fantastic link lists to high-quality French sites. Many of the sites on this list were orginally discovered through the sites below.
Best French Websites - University of Northern Iowa’s Jim Becker has put together a massive list of recommended French resources. I’ve spent many an hour on this site following Jim’s links.
Tennessee Bob’s French Links - Loads of great French sites are linked from the University of Tennessee Martin’s teacher site.
College City of San Francisco’s Links - A huge list of French sites can be found here.
French Links - Geoff Hare’s site currently contains over 700 French sites.
Fred Riley’s French Links - 50+ great French links.
The French Connection - Australian National University French links.

Sometimes you need a break from studying - on your break be sure to check out these fun French sites.
Social Networking for Languages - lets you connect with native speakers of the French language. Offers standard educational components too.
Live Mocha - Social networking site that connects you with free learn French tools and a way to connect with French speakers that want to learn English.
Real French - Thousands of games and activities to help you learn French.
French Slang - Finally, a site that teaches slang! Features audio and lessons.
French Mystery - If you can already read some French, this is a great site to help you brush up without making it feel like work. Play a detective and solve a mystery – in French!

French Podcasts
Podcasts are a great use of technology. They allow you to learn French on the go - whether it’s the gym or the train, you can be brushing up on your French!
Beginner French Podcasts - Great series of podcasts for those just starting out.
Daily French Podcast - Learn French via podcasts! A great use of technology to help you learn.
The Verbcast - The Verbcast is a podcast that focuses on French verbs and their tenses.
French Pod Class - 100 French podcasts from Sebastien.
Peace Corps Podcast - 17 podcasts by the Peace Corps to teach you the French spoken in Mali.

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