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What Web 3.0 is all about...

| Sunday, December 28, 2008

Web 2.0 is a hot topic of internet now a days. what will be its next step? this picture explains about Web 3.0...
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Sharing multiple Links - for social networking

| Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sharing your blog post using twitter,facebook and other social networking sites are very much important of a blogger for blog promotion... and some of you will be sending some interesting links to your friends and followers of your blog/twitter. sharing links is top priority of net users who love to share good content. here i share a applications that makes sharing one step further..

ShareTab is a new application that helps you to share multiple sites in a single link. with this you can share sites in a tab format.. when ever you click the link it will open in tabs that are made by the application.
The above link is example for the sharetabs which opens some popular search engines in one single click..

Krunchd is another multiple link sharing site still in beta stage. This gives another feature of multiple sharing that you can add title, tags, description and you can send a copy of it to your email id. 

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Wanna say more than 140 chars?

| Saturday, December 20, 2008

All of you are very much familiar with Twitter which makes all of you to enter into the world of micro- blogging and one of the Newest and most popular micro-blogging site of the year 2008. The main feature of the Twitter is the 140 character that is you must use only just 140 characters for a single post and most of you is using this services just as a traffic builder for your blog..

Twitblogs helps you to create post that are similar to macro blogging with all the rich text, pictures and videos on a micro blogging platform. you dont have to create a new twitblog account if you have a twitter account already. This twitblogs is no where related to twitter but it still uses the twitter accounts.This type of blogging looking nice to see but you and i have to wait and see this will really works.

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What i will do with all those Hardware

| Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This post is with respect to the entry to the HP Magic Giveaway contest in Living-In Theory.

I know that more entries from around the world will be there for this contest. Most of them will be from developing countries. Only a few will be from developing countries like India. Why this is so? being the second largest populated country in the world and still got the technology internet and everything only about 5 to 10 years ago.. but that technology is not able to reach nook and corner of the country till now.. I still see lots of my fellow people didn't even get proper primary education. Just 150 yards from my house a non-profit primary school is there with about 80 children studying there. If I won this contest I will give them light of education to the people by giving them half of my prize to them. The Whole thing will not change only by this give away to the school children but there will be a bright smile in the face of children who gets the prize and side by side it helps them in the education too..
once again thanks for this wonderful contest.. and i will be happy to share the prize with the children in that school if i won contest.
link to the contest :

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File Sharing tools for making your office work simple

| Thursday, December 11, 2008

File sharing is one of the important and tedious work for everyone. simple mailing services will not be useful for his due to is slow uploading and restrictions in file types and file sizes.. i found these tools below will be a solution for file sharing. here are the file sharing tools


This service is may be heard by you. It is one of the filesharing website that is available to you for very long time. It provides three types of account pro, business plus, corporate suite it gives 14 day trail account for free.


This Webbased filesharing website is free to use and it require Flash 10 to run the app.. first it uploads the files to its server and then sends a small hyper link to the receptient. its easy for the receiver to get the files. after completing the transfer files are removed by the server.


Fileai is a free to use site for file transfer works on almost all the systems.. no need for any software download it protects the file with encryption and trasfers the file like a peer to peer mode and that of a bit torrent. which is some what new and different from the other two sites above..


Zapr is a desktop based windows only file sharing tool which can be installed and it sits right on your system tray and acts like a small server.  so no uploading is required by you. And you can set the privacy level in this and then send the files. password protection is also provided in this.


File Dropper is a simple and fast file transfer site which can upload your files upto 5Gb after uploading it gives you a download link which can be used to send that link through mail. premium services are also avaiable.


File shaker looks very similar to the File dropper and one good thing is it can send as much as unbeliveable 10Gb file size. is one of the best file sharing site here on net. it has lots of feature like send the content via email phone fax and more. files will be private and it will not be found by any search engine so that it can be safe to go to the required destination alone.


DropBox is also one of the best for transfering files it can be kept as a menubar in your desktop. it provides syn your files that you put inside the drop box and easy to share. this is prefeared my most users.
 I think is post will be very useful to you. if you find anyother filesharing sites then you can share that there.

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Sneak Peak of Google OS

| Saturday, December 6, 2008

Few days back on the netbook world summit,paris Giagabyte Touch Netbook has been shown with Google OS. Every one will have a more interest on Google OS which is going to be released early next year.
Many of you may aware of the Cloud computing is the base of the Google os.

Google OS is provided with Chrome Browser and a pack of Web 2.0 application like skype, gmail, all Google Apps, you tube, blogging, feeds, it has a one click option to exit to windows or linux os.
gadgets and myspace are available for download now

here are some snaps shots of the gigabyte touch netbook

now the real sneak peak of Google OS some one have install the GOS Cloud and giving us a demo of it
hope GOS cloud will take as to next generation computing soon

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Are you Found of Creating your Own Comic , Magazine, brochure or novel?

| Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There are many ways of creating a Ebook in pdf format like that of converting your doc to pdf and other doc. Many people are really want to make more than that like magazine, novels and comic books. it is some what difficult and complex to create them using the web tools. but this tool will surely help you out for this type of ebooks easier.

Myebook is a free online app for creating, publishing and sharing of Comics, novels,photoalbum and brochure in a simple and easier in a drag and drop way.

using this site you can create the comic or a magazine with a Ebook builder provided to you using the tools and design them as you wish. it also provides a Ebook Viewer to view the book created it contains features like taking screengrabs, subscribing, watching video, leaving comments etc to the user to interect with your Ebooks. you can embbed this Ebook you created in you website or blog. Example of a comic ebook screenshot is shown below.

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Backup your Gmail using - Gmail Backup

| Monday, December 1, 2008

Gmail gives you about 7300MBs of space and counting so no need to delete any mails is the concept in it provided by all free email services and gmail too does the same.. Gmail is extra special to many of you because of its no horrible ads,simple and stylish looks, integrated video chat box, and many more.. Every netizen will surely have there Gmail account. lets see the important of backup mail and a free tool to back up your Gmail' mails.... Why backup is important? Backing up the data is one of the important way to secure data easily. because even your data is corrupted or hacked you can still retrieve them from the backup

Why mail backup?
 You may have your favorite personal family and friends photos in your mail or any important data of your business in it. its better be save to backup them. Another feature of this is you can read your old mails offline too.

Gmail-Backup This Gmail-backup is a free gmail backup tool that you can use to backup all your emails to .eml format and store it in your PC and there by makes it accessible to you Via Outlook Express or Thunderbird when you need your mails back.

This Software tool is provided in Windows and Linux platform for now and then it will be ex-tented to other platforms soon. A small think you have to do before backup is to enable POP/IMAP option on your gmail settings.  

First time you backup all the mails in your Gmail box and after that for every email backup use the option newest mail only so that you no need to backup every mail again.

one disadvantage with this is the manual backup, there is no automatic backup feature available as per now in the pre-final release. hope this will be added in the final release.

many email backup softwares and backup services are available which cost you more this quick alternative free to use backup feature will be helpful for all. download gmail-backup


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