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Ancient Civilizations at a Glance

| Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today's Modern world is created only from the bases of the Ancient Civilizations that occurred across the world in the past. We are leading a sophisticated life only because of the modern technology and various inventions.

But without all this people of ancient civilizations lived a very top class life. I found the following sites gives the idea of how civilizations across the time made them better. there technology, trading routes, religion, culture everything makes us wonder...
Ancientcivilizations timeline - British museum explains all the ancient civilizations in a time line

Ancientcivilizations from about - provides all info of about 10000years of  various civilizations

Ancient civilization of various countries ancientchina  ancientindia  ancientegypt  mughalindia  imperialchina

i think after viewing all these sites about the ancient civilizations i believe you too can share your thoughts here...

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