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Chandrayaan-I : Destination Moon

| Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chandrayaan-I will be the maiden unmanned spacecraft mission by ISRO, this is planned to be launched by the end of october( it may be delayed to december due to bad cyclonic persist in the bay of bengal during that time). Its a 590kgs spacecraft which will contain about 11 instruments including 5 from other countires.
One of the main moto was to find He-3 on the moon(this is not the main priority when it was first proposed by isro) this is due to reduce the world energy crisis. if chandrayaan-I is made then India will be the 3rd country to make a mission to moon in Asia.
This spacecraft will be launched by the most successful Polar satellite launch vehicle(PSLV) from Sriharikota,AP) isro men said it will take about five days to reach the moon and the space craft will be in the orbit of 100kms above the moon. The project cost Rs386 crore, including the budget for the launch and setting up a deep space network, a 32 metre antenna, to receive data from the spacecraft.  
During the mission India's Tri-color flag will be send to moon's surface with the help of the small rocket from the spacecraft after entering to the orbit representing successful mission and bringing proud to india..
ISRO also planned for the next moon mission chandrayaan-2 in 2010-11 in which there will be more concentration on finding he-3 (which can be used for nuclear energy) and the second mission will also have a lander which will be made with help of russia.
All the Best ISRO....

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