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Next generation of computing arrived - Cloud Computing

| Monday, September 22, 2008

do you really wondered what will be the advancement of the next generation computing? computer user may login in to the account and then work everything on the server with all our data stored in servers and no need of any storeage in your system

Its save and easy to access your system any where in the world like that of a email id, cloud computing paves the way for it.

we just need a small kernel in our system to connect to the internet to our account that's it everything will be simple as cake.

Cloud computing is based on the Web 2.0 and "software as a service " concept.first development towards the cloud computing is the Google Apps and Zoho applications that are available today, it is also said that Google's latest release Chrome is also called as "cloud operating system"

Microsoft also plans to develop a cloud operating system which is now taken care by the "Windows Live Core"

hope to see a new technology soon arriving to us

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