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Tips for safe Shopping online

| Monday, October 27, 2008

Online Shopping from home or office or anywhere else is a really a gifted one but everyone should be beware of online phishing sites and about the hackers. protecting your money and credit cards is a major problem
here are few tips for safe shopping...

Before you buy
  •       Make a note of the company's contact details, including a street address and landline telephone number. Never rely on just an email address or a post office box.
  •      You should also remember that you may have to pay for shipping costs, customs duty, VAT, etc. All these hidden costs can push up the price of the goods or service. It should be quite clear if you are expected to pay any extra costs and VAT should be included in the price quoted.

Paying for goods online
  •       Make sure that the web address of the page starts https:// before you enter any personal information or payment details. The 's' stands for 'secure'. There should also be a small padlock that appears in the bottom of your screen.
  •       Always print out a copy of your order and a copy of the acknowledgement that you should receive.
  •       Always check your bank statements carefully if you purchase something on the Internet.
  •       You should never be asked to tell anyone your card's PIN number - even if they claim to be from your bank or the police. Never send your PIN number to anyone over the Internet. 
  •        Never disclose your account number and other details through mail anytime..
Method of Payment
  • There are various method of payment credit card is used widely even being careful there are many ways one is that paying by paypal here your bank details and the credit card details will not be reviled to any of the websites that you have shopped.
  • May online cash cards are available for paying the shopping carts.. eg itzcash  
  • Always please verify the site that your shopping are verified by verisign 
Be safe online and Be Happy...

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