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Are you Found of Creating your Own Comic , Magazine, brochure or novel?

| Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There are many ways of creating a Ebook in pdf format like that of converting your doc to pdf and other doc. Many people are really want to make more than that like magazine, novels and comic books. it is some what difficult and complex to create them using the web tools. but this tool will surely help you out for this type of ebooks easier.

Myebook is a free online app for creating, publishing and sharing of Comics, novels,photoalbum and brochure in a simple and easier in a drag and drop way.

using this site you can create the comic or a magazine with a Ebook builder provided to you using the tools and design them as you wish. it also provides a Ebook Viewer to view the book created it contains features like taking screengrabs, subscribing, watching video, leaving comments etc to the user to interect with your Ebooks. you can embbed this Ebook you created in you website or blog. Example of a comic ebook screenshot is shown below.

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