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Sneak Peak of Google OS

| Saturday, December 6, 2008

Few days back on the netbook world summit,paris Giagabyte Touch Netbook has been shown with Google OS. Every one will have a more interest on Google OS which is going to be released early next year.
Many of you may aware of the Cloud computing is the base of the Google os.

Google OS is provided with Chrome Browser and a pack of Web 2.0 application like skype, gmail, all Google Apps, you tube, blogging, feeds, it has a one click option to exit to windows or linux os.
gadgets and myspace are available for download now

here are some snaps shots of the gigabyte touch netbook

now the real sneak peak of Google OS some one have install the GOS Cloud and giving us a demo of it
hope GOS cloud will take as to next generation computing soon

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