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Backup your Gmail using - Gmail Backup

| Monday, December 1, 2008

Gmail gives you about 7300MBs of space and counting so no need to delete any mails is the concept in it provided by all free email services and gmail too does the same.. Gmail is extra special to many of you because of its no horrible ads,simple and stylish looks, integrated video chat box, and many more.. Every netizen will surely have there Gmail account. lets see the important of backup mail and a free tool to back up your Gmail' mails.... Why backup is important? Backing up the data is one of the important way to secure data easily. because even your data is corrupted or hacked you can still retrieve them from the backup

Why mail backup?
 You may have your favorite personal family and friends photos in your mail or any important data of your business in it. its better be save to backup them. Another feature of this is you can read your old mails offline too.

Gmail-Backup This Gmail-backup is a free gmail backup tool that you can use to backup all your emails to .eml format and store it in your PC and there by makes it accessible to you Via Outlook Express or Thunderbird when you need your mails back.

This Software tool is provided in Windows and Linux platform for now and then it will be ex-tented to other platforms soon. A small think you have to do before backup is to enable POP/IMAP option on your gmail settings.  

First time you backup all the mails in your Gmail box and after that for every email backup use the option newest mail only so that you no need to backup every mail again.

one disadvantage with this is the manual backup, there is no automatic backup feature available as per now in the pre-final release. hope this will be added in the final release.

many email backup softwares and backup services are available which cost you more this quick alternative free to use backup feature will be helpful for all. download gmail-backup


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