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Wanna say more than 140 chars?

| Saturday, December 20, 2008

All of you are very much familiar with Twitter which makes all of you to enter into the world of micro- blogging and one of the Newest and most popular micro-blogging site of the year 2008. The main feature of the Twitter is the 140 character that is you must use only just 140 characters for a single post and most of you is using this services just as a traffic builder for your blog..

Twitblogs helps you to create post that are similar to macro blogging with all the rich text, pictures and videos on a micro blogging platform. you dont have to create a new twitblog account if you have a twitter account already. This twitblogs is no where related to twitter but it still uses the twitter accounts.This type of blogging looking nice to see but you and i have to wait and see this will really works.

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