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What i will do with all those Hardware

| Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This post is with respect to the entry to the HP Magic Giveaway contest in Living-In Theory.

I know that more entries from around the world will be there for this contest. Most of them will be from developing countries. Only a few will be from developing countries like India. Why this is so? being the second largest populated country in the world and still got the technology internet and everything only about 5 to 10 years ago.. but that technology is not able to reach nook and corner of the country till now.. I still see lots of my fellow people didn't even get proper primary education. Just 150 yards from my house a non-profit primary school is there with about 80 children studying there. If I won this contest I will give them light of education to the people by giving them half of my prize to them. The Whole thing will not change only by this give away to the school children but there will be a bright smile in the face of children who gets the prize and side by side it helps them in the education too..
once again thanks for this wonderful contest.. and i will be happy to share the prize with the children in that school if i won contest.
link to the contest :

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